Wolf Divided by Quinn Loftis

French audiobook download Wolf Divided

Wolf Divided

Quinn Loftis

Page: 325

Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2

Publisher: Quinn Loftis Books, LLC

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French audiobook download Wolf Divided


Loss. Pain. Betrayal. Many mate bonds would not have survived. And Dillon and Tanya Jacobs' bond barely did. Dillon's choices almost destroyed their relationship before it ever began. Would Dillon change those choices? He couldn't. Because they led to his daughter, Jacque, who was to become mate to the strongest alpha to ever live. But the trials that grew from Dillon's choices won't be easily passed. To make it through the trials to come, Dillon and Tanya will need each other. Every betrayal will require an equal measure of forgiveness. All the pain will require perseverance. Every loss will be met with redemption. Will Tanya and Dillon come out stronger on the other side? Or will Dillon's mistakes haunt him forever? Amidst the pain of separating from Jacque's mother and the discovery of his true mate, Dillon will face a challenge he never expected. A challenge that could thrust him into the leadership of his own pack, or end him forever.



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